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Population pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics Computer aided clinical trial design Optimal design for population pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies

Population pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Population pharmacokinetics (PK) and pharmacodynamics (PD) aims to investigate and quantify PK/PD differences between patients. The sources of this variability include genetics, demographic differences, drug-drug interactions and disease state. Having identified sources of variability it is possible to provide rational dosage regimen guidelines. Population PK/PD is a modelling discipline and we use a variety of Maximum Likelihood and Bayesian techniques to perform the modelling. Current therapeutic applications include malaria, paediatrics, anti-inflammatories and anti-cancer agents.

Computer aided clinical trial design

Computer aided clinical trial design (CATD) builds on population modelling and is a model based technique in which future clinical trials are designed based on the current state of knowledge using stochastic simulation techniques. The work is carried out within CAPKR. The methodology has been applied to an anti-migraine drug.

Optimal design for population PK/PD studies

The use of optimal design techniques is an alternative to CATD and aims to minimise parameter estimation error using various information criteria. Both frequentist and Bayesian methods are being applied. This work is also being carried out in CAPKR and we are currently working on both the methodology and developing software.

Members of the Statistical Modelling Research Group:

  • Kayode Ogungbenro
  • Adam Darwich
  • Hitesh Mistry
  • Fernando Ortega
  • Amais Ahmed

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