Dr Lei Ren BEng, MEng, PhD, FHEA, FRSA


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As a mechanical engineer with biomedical background, I am fascinated by the studies of biomechanics and neural control of human and animal movements using mathematical, physical, robotic and physiological approaches. The long term aim is to develop biologically sound computational, physical and robotic models to reveal the fundamental musculoskeletal, neuromotor and sensorimotor principles underlying human and animal movements, and also to apply this knowledge to medical and health sciences, clinical diagnosis and interventions, biologically inspired robotics, healthcare robotics, medical devices and assistive technologies etc. Some of the areas that we are particularly interested in recently are:

Biomechanics and Neural Control

Fundamental biomechanical and neuromotor control principles underlying human locomotion and hand manipulation; Three-dimensional motion analysis of biological movements using infrared camera array, portable sensing systems and dual plane X-ray systems; Biomechanics of tactile sensing during hand manipulation; Predictive musculoskeletal modelling of human locomotion; Continuum mechanics modelling of musculoskeletal complexes, e.g. hand, foot, knee, shoulder etc.; Multi-domain modelling of neuromechanical dynamics and sensorimotor control.

Biologically Inspired Robotics

Humanoid walking robots inspired from human musculoskeletal biomechanics; Biologically inspired anthropomorphic robotic hands; Biologically inspired energy-efficient lower limb prosthetics; Biologically inspired prosthetic hand system driven by muscle EMG signal; CNS-controlled lower limb prosthesis driven by muscle EMG signals; Biologically inspired exoskeleton system capable of enhancing human walking; Muscle-like soft actuators for biomedical applications; Biologically inspired soft robotics for biomedical applications.

Orthopaedic Biomechanics

In-vivo diagnosis of musculoskeletal disorders using integrated approaches based on data fusion from multiple physical domains; Biomechanical testing of orthopaedic implants and arthroplasty; Computational modelling of orthopaedic implants and arthroplasty; Computer-aided surgical planning based on musculoskeletal modelling; Computer aided design of implants and arthroplasty based on musculoskeletal modelling.

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    Nabawy BSc, MSc, PhD, MRAeS, SMAIAA, FHEA, M., Cioncolini, A., Revell, A., crowther, W., Ren, L., Shearwood, T., Mohamed, A., Wang, J. & Bond, E.

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