Dr Lee A. Fielding


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When funded PhD positions are available, they will be shown below and advertised through https://www.findaphd.com/

Self-funded students, or students who have already secured sponsorship, are welcome to apply for PhD positions in our group at any time and should initially make an informal enquiry via email.

A funded PhD project in our group is currently available through the Advanced Biomedical Materials CDT:

Smart nanoparticles as doubly responsive sensors for foreign DNA

Synopsis: This project aims to develop a nanoparticle-based diagnostic which will both gel and display a colour change in the presence of amplified DNA. It is well known that cationic nanoparticles can gel in the presence of anionic natural polymers and a colour change can be triggered when DNA binds to dyes prepared in the Jones’ lab. We aim to use both these strategies, in conjunction with isothermal DNA amplification to develop an assay for foreign DNA detection.

Further details and how to apply at https://www.advanced-biomedical-materials-cdt.manchester.ac.uk/study/projects/


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