Dr Laura Matthews

Honorary Research Fellow

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Postgraduate students - Degree in progress 

  • Kathryn McGinnis, PhD (UoL, Cosupervised with Jacquelyn Bond)
    Defining heterogenity in steroid responses and the impact of inflammation
  • Stephen Kershaw, PhD (UoM, Cosupervised with David Ray)
    Combined genomic and non-genomic approaches to define the mechanism of novel Gc action

Postgraduate students - Degree completed

  • Giorgio Caratti, PhD awarded 2016 (Cosupervised with David Ray, Stuart Farrow)
    Regulation of antiinflammatory Gc effects by membrane lipid rafts
  • Anna Mannion-Jones, MPhil awarded 2014 (Cosupervised with Stuart Farrow, David Ray)
    Caveolin-dependent Gc action in inflammation
  • Peter Trebble, PhD awarded 2013 (Cosupervised with David Ray, Stuart Farrow)
    Novel, selective ligands as molecular tools to interrogate GR function
  • David Morgan, PhD awarded 2013 (Cosupervised with Andy Brass, David Ray)
    Applying systems biology to model Gc action              
  • Nan Yang, MD awarded 2013 (Cosupervised with David Ray)
    Functional determinants of Gc sensitivity