Prof Krikor Ozanyan FInstP FIET FHArp SMIEEE

Professor of Photonic Sensors & Systems

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Research interests


  • Wearable inertial sensor systems for gait recognition.
  • New modalities and portable instruments for fluorescence monitoring: crude oil and derivatives, organic species, etc.
  • Controlled receive aperture sensing with optical/gamma detectors.
  • Semiconductor devices and materials for optical sensing (UV-VIS-IR-THz).
  • Optical multichannel measurements in chemical reactors.



  • Guided-Path Tomography and “Magic Carpet” applications in healthcare, agriculture and biometrics.
  • Spectroscopic Optical Tomography with scanning sources.
  • Image reconstruction from a limited number of views.
  • Parallel computation centre-of-projection imaging of fast system dynamics.
  • Tomography of temperature, concentration and pressure of combustion products.
  • Optically Excited Fluorescence Auto-Projection Tomography (UV-VIS).
  • 2D and 3D mapping of Laser-Induced Incandescence form soot particles.
  • Multi-channel THz tomography.

Signal processing

  • Deep learning convolutional neural networks for spatio-temporal sensor fusion.
  • Internet-of-Sensors: embedded data to information transfer in machine2machine sensor networks.
  • Data analysis, incl. machine learning, of fluorescence spectra from complex systems for process monitoring
  • Spatial mapping with two in-plane opposite camera views of scanned light-sheets
  • Algorithms for extraction of system properties from temporal signals.
  • Multi-channel Digital Signal Processing (DSP) system architectures for hard-field tomography.
  • Reconfigurable multi-channel DSP measurement modalities (lock-in detection, balanced ratiometry, etc.) using programmable logic.
  • Tomography reconstruction embedded software for dedicated multichannel DSP systems.




Research and projects

  1. T-Ray Intra-Oral Imagers for Dental Care

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