Prof Konstantinos Stathopoulos

Professor of Accounting and Finance

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Research interests

The two important financial crises of this century have highlighted the need for corporate governance reform at the market and firm level. A common theme in both the 2000 and 2007 turmoil in the capital markets was the existence of widespread practices that created the “wrong” incentives to market participants, e.g., managers, analysts, etc. Konstantinos' research interests focus on corporate governance practices. He is particularly interested in agency problems, contracting issues and inefficiencies in the managerial labour market. Some of the research topics he currently studies are: 

  • The impact of employees and labour unions on firm decision making and governance.
  • The role of the media and corporate communications on firms' information environment.
  • The importance of institutional investor heterogeneity on firm investment and governance decisions.
  • The role of national culture on businesses, particularly on banks. 

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