Dr Kimberly Mace PhD

Senior Lecturer

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Research interests

Regulation of adult stem cell recruitment, engraftment, and differentiation during tissue repair and regeneration

Tissue repair and regeneration are ancient responses to physical damage shared by all metazoans requiring coordinated cell movements and changes in gene expression. My lab is interested in the regulation of transcription in response to injury, and the underlying molecular mechanisms that promote wound repair and regeneration, as well as limit it. Current studies are focused on skin repair and regeneration, and in particular, the role of myeloid cells in this process, using the mouse as a model system.

Myeloid cells differentiate from progenitors in the bone marrow and are recruited to injured tissue where they can promote or inhibit the repair and regeneration process depending on context.The balance of different myeloid cell types present in the injured tissue can profoundly affect the repair and regeneration process. Currently our focus is on the identification of different subset of myeloid cells recruited to the wound at different times, experimental manipulation of these populations in vitro and in vivo, and the analysis of myeloid cell differentiation at the site of injury.


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