Dr Kimberly Dienes

Honorary Lecturer

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Research interests

  • The relationship of alterations in diurnal cortisol secretion and acute cortisol reactivity to risk for depression and stress sensitization.
  • Factors associated with stress sensitization including early adversity, personality traits and styles, and chronic and episodic stress.  How these factors interact to confer sensitivity to stress and risk for depression.
  • The Trier Social Stress Test and how various relational factors including Expressed Emotion, social support and attachment, and clinical factors such a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Major Depressive Disorder, might influence cortisol secretion across the task.
  • Ethnic disparities in diurnal cortisol secretion and acute cortisol reactivity and how they relate to discrimination and racial microagression.
  • Chronic and episodic stress, and stress generation and how they are related to cortisol secretion using daily diary methodologies and life stress interviews.
  • Stress reduction interventions (cognitive behavioral, mindfulness/compassion) and their effect on diurnal cortisol secretion.

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