Prof Khalid Nadvi

Professor of International Development

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Research interests

My research interests are in the area of globalisation, international trade and industrial development. I am especially interested in issues relating to global regulations, global standards and local outcomes for firms, workers and communities. Within this agenda my current research focuses on the emerging economies, or Rising Powers, of China, India and Brazil and the impacts that they are having on the rest of the developing world. I also have a long-standing interest on the political economy of Pakistan.
The main themes of my research interests are: 
  • Globalisation
  • International trade,
  • Industrial development
  • Innovation
  • Small enterprises
  • Employment
  • Labour and poverty
  • Rising Powers

I have a particular regional interest in South and South East Asia, and have conducted research (and in some cases taught) in: Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, China, Thailand as well as Brazil and South Africa. 

Other research


ESRC - 'Rising Powers and Interdependent Futures Programme Research Coordinator' , 2013-2016, (£75,012).

ESRC - 'Rising Powers, Labour Standards and the Governance of Global Production Networks', 2013-2016,  Principal Investigator (£750,247).

ESRC - 'Rising Powers and Global Standards Research Network' , 2010-11, Principal Investigator (£81,371).

EPSRC-DFID - 'Decentralised Off-grid Electricity Generation in Developing Countries: Business models for Off-grid Electricity Supply', 2009-2014, Co-Investigator (£115,852).

Danish Social Sciences Research Council - ‘Global Value Chains, Industrial Clusters and Corporate Responsibility in the International Sporting Goods Industry’, 2008-2010, Co-Investigator (£162,459)


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