Prof Kersti Börjars

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Since I have a University-level role, I currently teach only one course unit within Linguistics and English Language:

  • LELA20022 Introduction to syntactic theory. This course aims to show students the value of modelling morpho-syntax in a theoretical framework. The students are introduced to Lexical-Functional Grammar, we explore the properties of a range of phenomena that any theory worth its salt should be able to account for and then consider how Lexical-Functional Grammar would analyse them.

I have also taught an introduction to Lexical-Functional Grammar outside the University, at a "Winter School" at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand and at the Universities of Göteborg and Stockholm.

In the past I have taught course units on:

  • Principles of Linguistics
  • English grammar
  • Morphology and syntax
  • Syntactic theory
  • Morphological theory
  • Historical linguistics
  • Germanic syntax

Jointly with Kate Burridge at Monash University, Melbourne, I have written an introductory text book: Introducing English Grammar (Currently in its 3d edition, Routledge).


Jointly with Rachel Nordlinger (Melbourne University) and Louisa Sadler (Essex University), I have written Lexical-Functional Grammar: an introduction, which will be published with Cambridge University Press in 2019.

Jointly with Bob Borsley at Essex University, I have edited a book a collection on constraint-based theories and their implications that can be used as an advanced text book: Non-transformational syntax. Formal and explicit models of grammar (2011, Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell).

I was invited to write the section on 'Linguistics in the first year of single honours programmes' for the Good Practice Guide set up by the Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies