Prof Kaye Williams BSc PhD

Chair Experimental Therapeutics

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Collaborators and affiliated staff

Affiliated Staff

Dr Katie Finegan -  Lecturer in Cancer Biology and Therapy

Dr Roben Gieling - Post-doctoral Researcher

Dr Duncan Forster- Post-doctoral Researcher

Dr Ayse Latif - Post-doctoral Researcher

Dr Abid Khan- Honorary Post-doctoral Researcher

Ms Leonie Diffley- Lab manager, Preclinical PET Imaging

Mr Muhammad Babur- Research Technician

Mr Brian Telfer- Experimental Officer

Ms Tori Tessyman- PhD student

Ms Maria Likhatcheva- PhD student

Dr Ibrahim Djoukhadar- Clinical Research Fellow


Dr Costas Demonacos - Molecular Pharmacology, redox sensitive transcriptional regulation

Professor Caroline Dive - Mechanisms of hypoxia-mediated modification of chemotherapy response

Professor Ian Stratford - Tumour biology

Professor Anne White - Endocrine tumour biology

Professor Roy Goodacre - Metabolomics

Dr Adam McMahon - Integration of imaging and proteomic tools; PET radiochemistry

Dr James O’Connor- MR Imaging

Dr Jason Bruce - Pancreatic Cancer

Dr Adam Hurlstone - Lipid Metabolism in Cancer

Professor Tracy Hussell - Cancer and Inflammation