Dr Katsushi Imai

Reader in Economics

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Research interests

Specific research interests:

Keywords: MDP, Health, Nutrition, Vulnerability and Risk, Malnutrition, Household Data, Panel Data Econometrics,  Asia, Public Policy and Programme Evaluation

Katsushi is interested in clarifying the risk-coping mechanism of households or individuals in rural areas and its effect in their welfare over time. For example, he has investigated in depth the role of public work schemes (e.g. Employment Guarantee Scheme) for wage workers in reducing their risks as an application of real option theory. Katsushi is also interested in measuring vulnerability of households to aggregate or idiosyncratic shocks faced by households.

Another research interest of his is to evaluate public policies by applying various micro-econometric models to large household data sets. Amongst other econometric issues, he has been particularly focusing on the endogeneity and self-selection problems associated with participation in the programmes.

Other research

Current research projects:

Katsushi is involved as a CoI in the GCRF research grant (£9.0m) entitled 'DAMS 2.0: Design and assessment of resilient and sustainable interventions in water-energy-food environment Mega-systems. He carries out economic analyses for the project.   

Katsushi has mainly worked on the following research projects. First, he has worked on the project entitled, ‘Nutrition Traps, Workfare and PDS (Public Distribution System) in India’(with Raghbendra Jha (Australian National University), and Raghav Gaiha (Harvard University & University of Delhi) funded by AUSAID and Australian Social Science Research Council. As an extension, he has tested in the ESRC project whether there existed nutrition-based traps using large household data. Second, he has been involved in the project which measures household level vulnerability and mal-nutrition. See his personal webpage for more details.

Katsushi was involved in the research project funded by IFAD, the UN and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF), the Government of LAO PDR to help establish an independent think tank with the capacity to guide the country towards economic prosperity and better nutrition (with Dr Samuel Annim, a senior lecturer at University of Cape Coast, Ghana and an external associate of BWPI).

He worked on the ESRC funded project entitled ‘On the Change of Poverty and Undernutrition in Rural India’ has been approved by the ESRC (as a principal investigator, 1st July 2010- 30th December 2011, £59,473).


  • Research Grants: 

Katsushi is a CoI for the GCRF research grant (£9.0m) entitled 'DAMS 2.0: Design and assessment of resilient and sustainable interventions in water-energy-food environment Mega-systems.

He obtained the HKUST-UoM Seed grant to network with HKUST- Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (£10K, Feb 2018-Dec 2018). 

See Katsushi's personal web page for more details.


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