Dr Katherine Rogers PhD, MRes, BSc (Hons)

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Research interests

My research interests primarily involve issues pertaining to d/Deaf communities and their families, especially those which promote more positive outcomes. I am particularly interested in aspects of research related to the mental and emotional well-being of deaf people from birth onwards, such as the self-esteem of d/Deaf* young people in general.

I am also concerned with methodological issues which arise in research with d/Deaf people. My interests include examination of the psychometric properties of instruments used with Deaf sign language using populations, including the translation process and the validation of standard instruments.

The main focus of this research is considering outcomes which could improve the quality of life for d/Deaf people and their families.

My MRes dissertation was a study of the relationship between the perceived strengths and difficulties of d/Deaf young people and their self-esteem. I used reports both from d/Deaf young people themselves and from their parents. For the BSL versions of the psychometric instruments (Rosenberg’s Self-Esteem Scale; the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire), the instruments were translated into BSL and then back-translated. The data in the study was analysed using various statistical tests.

My PhD thesis focused on mental well-being in d/Deaf populations. As a result of the lack of available mental health assessments in BSL, four mental health assessments were produced in BSL (namely the CORE-OM, PHQ-9, GAD-7 and WSAS) and the reliability and validation of each version has been examined. Deaf people’s perspectives on mental well-being have also been explored.

(* d/Deaf = “Deaf” with a capital D refers to Deaf people who see themselves as part of a linguistic minority group. The term “deaf” refers to those who do not see themselves as part of the Deaf community.)

Methodological knowledge

I have used both qualitative and quantitative approaches to analyse data. For example, my use of a qualitative approach has included using themes content analysis to analyse interview data. For studies involving quantitative data, I have used various statistical tests, including Mann-Whitney U tests, correlation, linear and multiple regression, internal reliability (e.g. Cronbach’s alpha), and principle component analysis (for construct validity).


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