Dr Karen Forbes BSc, PhD


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Collaborators and affiliated staff

Research Staff:

Dr Rachel Quilang (University of Leeds)

Dr Naomi Clement-Obstetrics & Gynaecology Academic Clinical Fellow (University of Leeds)

 Postgraduate Research Students:

Zhiyong Zou

Manon Owen- BHF 4 year PhD student (co-supervised with Professor Eleanor Scott, University of Leeds)

Fatima Al Ali-PhD student (co-supervised with Professor Eleanor Scott and Dr Nigel Simpson)

Abigail Byford-BHF 4 year PhD student (co-supervised with Professor Eleanor Scott and Dr Nigel Simpson)

Dr Sarah Cartland - MD Student/Clinical Research Fellow, University of Leeds (co-supervised with Professor Eleanor Scott and Dr Nigel Simpson, University of Leeds)

Jessica Edge- BBSRC DTP PhD student (co-supervised with Dr Niamh Forde and Dr Mary O’Connell, University of Leeds)

Margeurite Kennedy- PhD Student (co-supervised with Professor Eleanor Scott and Dr Nigel Simpson, University of Leeds

Haidee Tinning- PhD Student (co-supervised with Dr Niamh Forde, University of Leeds)

Christopher Trevelyan- BHF funded PhD Student (co-supervised with Dr Neil Turner)



Kate Timms-PhD Student (2014-2018) "Examining the potential roles of food-derived plant microRNAs in human placental development". Co-supervised with Professor's Melissa Westwood, John McLaughlin and Dr Anil Day. Funded by a BBSRC DTP Studentship.

Bernadette Baker- PhD student (2012-2015). "Folate deficiency in teenage pregnancy: Involvement in placental dysfunction." Co-supervised with Dr Rebecca Jones, Dr Susan Greenwood and Professor Alexander Heazell.

Christopher Whittle- PhD student (2011-2014). "Altering microRNAs to regulate placental development in pregnancies complicated by maternal diabetes." Co-supervised with Professor Melissa Westwood and Professor John Aplin.

Lisa Jones - MRes student (2012-2013)  "Therapeutiically targeting miRNAs to improve pregnancy outcomes" Co-supervised with Dr Jayne Charnock.

Miranda Lees -MRes student (2012-2013). "miRNA regulation of embryo implantation" Co-supervised with Professor John Aplin.

Kate Timms - MRes student (2012-2013). "Does maternal diet influence placental miRNA expression?" Co-supervised with Prof  Melissa Westwood

Joshua Jones - MRes student (2011-2012). " Profiling serum microRNAs to predict adverse outcomes." Co-supervised with Prof Melissa Westwood.

Farkhondeh Farrokhnia- MRes student (2010-2011) "Identifying miRNAs involved in regulating placental growth factor signalling"  Co-supervised with Prof Melissa Westwood



University of Manchester 

Prof Melissa Westwood

Prof Alex Heazell

Dr Lynda Harris

Dr Rebecca Jones

Dr Anil Day

Prof John McLaughlin



University of Leeds

Prof Eleanor Scott

Dr Nigel Simpson

Dr Niamh Forde

Dr Virginia Pensebane

Dr Rebecca Spencer


University of Cambridge

Prof Susan Ozanne

Dr Laura Kusinski


Imperial College London

Dr Beth Holder