Dr Ka-Loh Li PhD

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Research interests

Gadolinium deposition in normal tissues has been found associated with potential long-term health risks. There is an international drive to try and reduce the use of gadolinium. Her research over the past 5-10 has formed a strong position in the development of approaches which would allow the application of low-dose gadolinium contrast studies, which is a key advantage benefiting CNS patients undergoing repeated exposures.

Her current work is focused on:

1) Improving accuracy of kinetic parameter estimates in whole brain high-spatial resolution DCE-MRI

Whilst highly desirable in neuro-oncology, derivation of accurate, high-spatial resolution, whole brain coverage microvascular parameters with DCE-MRI remains challenging. This study sought to address this through developing and evaluating a novel dual-temporal resolution (DTR) DCE-based technique. 

2) low Gd dose high temporal high spatial DCE-MRI

The requirement for full-dose administration of the gadolinium-based contrast agent (GBCA) has been recognized as a key concern in patient management, especially in patients with more benign CNS tumors, such as the vestibular schwannoma (VS) patients, who may receive serial contrast-enhanced scans. We aim to develop technique for:

  • The segmentation of tumours from the low dose T1W structural. 
  • Accurate kinetic parameter estimates in whole brain high-spatial resolution low dose DCE-MRI


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