Dr Kali-Babu Katnam PhD

Senior Lecturer

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Research interests

  • Adhesive Bonding in Composite Structures
  • Structural Integrity and Damage Tolerance of Structural Bonded Joints
  • Composite Structural Repairs
  • Multi-scale Toughening in Advanced Polymer Ccomposites
  • Experimental and Computational Solid Mechanics

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  1. MaPoS: Mechanics and Physics of Solids

    Jivkov, A., Katnam, K., Lazarov, B., Margetts, L., Boom, P., Borodin, E., Kosmas, O., Baychev, T., Chen, T., Farrokhnia, A., Ford, M., He, L., Hewitt, S., Li, X., Marshall, O., Song, Z., Tsamos, A. & Wang, J.

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