Prof Julian Yates BSc (Hons), BDS, PhD, MFDSRCPS, FDSRCPS (Oral Surgery), FDSRCS


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Research interests

Professor Yates has interests in the following areas of research:

Neuroscience - My principal research interest has been the aetiology of neuropathic pain and methods of enhancing axonal regeneration within the trigeminal system. This research involved laboratory studies into the effect of nerve injury on the development of neuropathic pain, and investigations into methods of enhancing nerve regeneration after injury. It is known that damage to a nerve may initiate the development of abnormal activity at the site of nerve injury, and it has been suggested that this may contribute to altered sensations (including pain) experience by some patients. Both are significant clinical problems.

CAD-CAM Rapid Prototyping (RP) Technology - Another area of interest has been the development of Translational Research themes. This has involved research into the provision of hard and soft tissue prostheses for patients with facial deformity. Preliminary work was undertaken within the School of Clinical Dentistry, University of Sheffield along with Prof R van Noort and Dr D Wildgoose to manufacture these prostheses - hard and soft tissue. Subsequently, an industrial partnerships have been established including Fripp Design Ltd to develop 3D CAD CAM and rapid prototyping/manufacturing techniques for the production of such components. 

Clinical trials - I have also been involved in several clinical trials investigating the effect of a potential non-sedative anxiolytic drug and also investigating the effect of a new analgesic for dental pain. These were funded by Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline.

To date Professor Yates has -

Total research grant/personal development income to date £2.9 million
Principal applicant for grant/research income totalling £2.4 million
Previous supervision of 6 PhD students - University of Manchester/Sheffield
Current Supervision of 2 PhD students – University of Manchester
Supervision of over 25 masters students - Sheffield/Manchester
Research collaboration with other neuroscience groups in Sheffield, Stockholm, GlaxoSmithKline UK, and Pfizer
Translational Research Industrial Partnerships with – NobelBiocare and Fripp Design Ltd


Research and projects

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