Prof Julian Thomas

Professor of Archaeology

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Results of Assessment of Teaching Ability

The average results (out of 5) from the past year are as follows:

                                                                                    Course                Lecturer

ARGY10061 History of Archaeology                                   4.35                 4.63

ARGY20111 Theory & Philosophy of Archaeology               4.91                 5.00

ARGY30132 Neolithic Britain                                              5.00                 5.00


Teaching Awards

2015-16 Manchester Teaching Awards: nominated for ‘Best Supervision (Postgraduate Research)’

(Nomination statement: Correctly balances critique and support to bring out the best work in PGR students.  Excellent personal support in regards to illness, personal crisis and mental health issues including 'going in to bat' for students.   Creates roles for PGR students within personal research projects especially in collaborative projects that open up opportunities beyond the PhD.   Continues to promote and support PGR students after graduation.  To sum up, Prof Thomas is supportive academically, professionally and with regards to personal issues including mental health. He works to enhance his PhD students beyond their current piece of research by creating opportunities and by promoting their work.


2014-15 Manchester Teaching Awards: nominated for ‘Most Inspiring Lecturer’

(Nomination statement: Julian Thomas is an inspiring lecturer because he not only has a vast wealth of knowledge, but is able to effectively convey his understanding in accessible ways, without having to reduce the complexity of ideas and arguments to the point where they become something else. His lectures are experienced as a performance: they have few hiccups and cover subjects in great detail. There is often so much subtlety that a notepad will not do it justice. Instead, a student can expect to listen to the recorded lecture and discover new things within its content each time.)


2014-15 Manchester Teaching Awards: nominated for ‘Best Humanities Lecturer’

(Nomination statement: Terrific, well thought out and organised lectures. Useful Powerpoint presentations and handouts. Makes what could be a dry subject interesting. Very good explanations of difficult material)


External Examining (Undergraduate)

2011-2015 Undergraduate external examiner in Archaeology, Edinburgh University.

2008-2010 Undergraduate and MA external examiner in Archaeology, Cardiff University.

2004-2007 Undergraduate external examiner in Archaeology, Bristol University.

1996-7 and 1999-2000 External moderator, Undergraduate Certificate in Archaeology, Oxford University.


External Examining (Postgraduate)

I have externally examined 25 postgraduate theses, in Britain, Canada, South Africa, Sweden and France.