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Professor of Archaeology

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Research interests

Research Interests

  • Theory and philosophy of archaeology, history of archaeological thought;
  • Neolithic Britain and Europe;
  • Archaeology and modernity;
  • Archaeology of place and landscape, architecture and monuments;
  • Relationship between archaeology and anthropology;
  • Material culture and 'thing theory';
  • Phenomenology and the 'new materialisms'.


Academia Page

Many of my publications can be downloaded from my Academia page:


Current Projects

1.     Dorstone Hill Neolithic Landscape

Since 2011 I have been directing excavations, jointly with Herefordshire County Council and Nexus Heritage, at Dorstone Hill in southwest Herefordshire. Investigations have revealed three Neolithic long mounds, each strikingly distinct architecturally, and each constructed on the footprint of a burnt timber building of some form. The latter have produced radiocarbon dates in the 39th century BC. Geophysical survey has revealed the presence of a causewayed enclosure on the same hilltop, which was excavated in 2017 and 2018, revealing a sequence of multiple recuts, pottery and animal bone.


2.     The Stonehenge Riverside Project

Between 2004 and 2009 I was a PI on the AHRC funded Stonehenge Riverside Project, along with Mike Parker Pearson and Chris Tilley. The project is being readied for publication, and the first monograph (which includes my excavations at the Greater Stonehenge Cursus and Amesbury 42 long barrow) will be published in the coming year.


3.     Neolithic Britain: The Transformation of Social Worlds

A semi-popular book co-written with Keith Ray. It is intended to bring current thinking about the Neolithic to an informed non-specialist audience, and has just been published by Oxford University Press.


4.     Chaco Landscapes: Data, Theory and Management

The Chaco ‘white paper’ is a document written by Ruth Van Dyke (Binghamton University), Stephen Lekson (University of Colorado) and Carrie Heitman (University of Nebraska), and I have contributed as international member of the panel. It is intended as a policy instrument employed by the US National Parks Department in safeguarding archaeological landscapes in the wider hinterland of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, in response to encroachment by the oil and gas industry. Having taken part in fieldwork and writing activities in 2015, I returned in 2017 for a follow-up meeting intended to generate further collaborative research.


5. The Society for Archaeological Sciences Encyclopaedia of Archaeological Sciences

I have been invited by Prof. Sandra Lopez Varela, on behalf of the Society for Archaeological Sciences, to edit one volume of the forthcoming multi-volume Encyclopaedia of Archaeological Sciences, to be concerned with the philosophy of archaeological science. This encyclopaedia will be published by Wiley-Blackwell, and my volume will contain around fifty contributions from a range of authors from around the world. The Encyclopaedia will be published in October 2018.



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