Dr Judith Krauss

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Research interests

My PhD focused on cocoa sustainability and the environment, drawing on literatures including Global Production Networks (Henderson et al., Martin Hess, Coe et al.), voluntary private standards (Laura Raynolds, Mick Blowfield) and representations (Stuart Hall, Roger Silverstone). I have greatly benefited from being a member of two strong and very active reading groups at the Global Development Institute, Environment and Development and Global Production Networks, Trade and Labour, fora which have made me privy to the reflections and expertise of very knowledgeable and immensely inspiring academic staff and PhD colleagues.

I have developed some of the analytical and empirical contributions from my PhD research into publications, and aim to remain engaged with the cocoa sustainability-environment nexus in the foreseeable future given its acute relevance (a blog post on the subject here). Given my background of working for different organisations, my research aimed to incorporate voices from throughout various cocoa-related global production networks, aiming to bring together and feed back to diverse stakeholders through my work.

Personally, I am also very interested in the connections between sustainability and solidarity, the behavioural imperatives which emerge from both, and particularly solidarity with the most vulnerable (cf. my website).

Other research

Conference and research presentations

July 2018: Creating value(s) and consuming narratives: focus group discussions and public engagement on cocoa sustainability with responsive consumers (Global Conference on Economic Geography, Cologne, Germany).

June 2018: Co-convened panel on 'Value chains and production networks: reducing or reproducing in equalities?' (Development Studies Association Conference, Manchester).

June 2018: Co-authored with Robbie Watt. The political ecology of sustainability certification: carbon offsetting and cocoa sustainability (Political Ecology Conference POLLEN18, Oslo, Norway).

September 2017: Co-authored with Aarti Krishnan. Interrogating sustainability in value chains and production networks (Development Studies Association conference, Bradford).

August 2017: Co-authored with Stephanie Barrientos. Fairtrade and beyond (RGS-IBG conference, London).

Sep 2016 - Co-authored with Aarti Krishnan: Global decisions and local realities: The politics and policies of upgrading and their implications in agricultural global production networks (working title). Development Studies Association Conference, Oxford.

June 2016 - What is sustainable cocoa? Reflections on a polysemic concept. International Conference on Business, Policy and Sustainability, Copenhagen.

May 2016 - Power and embeddedness in global production networks: thoughts from the cocoa sector. Brown University/Manchester Workshop.

Apr 2016 - Presentations and podcasts for stakeholders, EN, ES, DE.

May 2015 - Cocoa sustainability initiatives, their conservation and carbon measures: mapping stakeholder priorities and representations. Postgraduate Research Conference, University of Manchester.

Mar 2015 - Thoughts on certification. Open Space, Manchester.

Ongoing - Lectures/Interactions on my PhD research with interested public, e.g. June 2015 in AnsbachJuly 2016 in Manchester.


Research publications

September 2018, book review: Review of 'Doughnut economics: 7 ways to think like a 21st century economist' by Kate Raworth.  By invitation; published in Journal of World Systems Research.

(In preparation, co-authored with Robbie Watt). Credibility and control: carbon and cocoa certification. Was conference paper for POLLEN18 conference, Oslo, June 2018.

(In preparation; co-authored with Aarti Krishnan). Interrogating sustainability in global value chains and global production networks. Was conference paper for DSA conference, Bradford, September 2017.

(Under review). Fairtrade and beyond. Co-authored with Stephanie Barrientos, was conference paper for RGS-IBG conference, London, August 2017.

(Under review). Representing the environment. Journal paper.

September 2017: What is cocoa sustainability? Mapping stakeholders' socio-economic, environmental and commercial constellations of priorities. Published in Enterprise Development and Microfinance.

January 2017: What is sustainable cocoa? Constellations of Commercial, socio-economic and environmental priorities associated with a polysemic concept. Global Development Institute Working Paper 2017-009.

December 2016 (co-authored with Aarti Krishnan): Global decisions and local realities: Priorities and producers’ upgrading opportunities in agricultural global production networks. United Nations Forum on Sustainability Standards Discussion Paper 7.

2016 - Reports/Podcasts for stakeholders who kindly contributed to my PhD in EN, ES, DE.

2016 - Cocoa sustainability initiatives and the environment: mapping stakeholder drivers and representations.Doctoral thesis, University of Manchester.

2015 - Stakeholder drivers and stakeholder representations in cocoa sustainability initiatives: congruences and divergences. Conference paper.

2014 - The changing face of Green CSR in the chocolate sector. Conference paper.


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