Dr Judith Apsley

Senior Lecturer

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Dr Apsley has no research funding currently available, but is looking to develop projects in the following areas: 

a) Fault tolerant control strategies for multiphase machines

Survivability and fault tolerance are key issues in the aerospace and marine sectors. Multiphase machines have built-in redundancy, allowing continued operation with one or more phases open circuit, although at a reduced rating. She has ongoing work on multiphase generator systems and automotive drives.

b) Energy efficiency of drive systems and active load management through Industry 4.0.

Ongoing research has identified potential energy savings in multi-motor drives through the inclusion of the electrical machine constraints and losses in the calculation of optimised trajectories, in applications such as machine tools, 3D printers and robots. Active load management of motor drives can be used to provide virtual energy storage and reduce peak energy demand. Both techniques can be combined to reduce overall energy consumption in applications from factories to autonomous vehicles. Industry 4.0 provides the connectivity to achieve this.