Prof Juanjo Medina

Professor of Quantitative Criminology

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Teaching interests

My teaching has covered a variety of areas through his academic career and in areas overlapping with my research interests. I am particularly involved in (and almost foolishly passionate about) the teaching of research methods and quantitative applications. I contributed to the development of the Q-Step initiative at the University  of Manchester to improve the learning of quantitative methods. I am a keen advocate of problem-based learning and the flipped classroom model that aims to make the classroom into a more dynamic learning environment, leaving behind the passive and inefficient traditional lecture-based classes. We support this kind of learning through our own materials, but also using contents genereously provided for free by DataCamp, an organisation committed to encourage the learning of programming skills for data analysis.

I also believe in the benefits of open access to science and learning resources.You can find here some resources I have developed for learning/teaching the R programming language for data analysis and visualisation oriented to criminologists.