Dr Jonny Huck

Lecturer in Geographical Info Science

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Dr Jonny Huck is a Lecturer in Geographical Information Science at the University of Manchester, specialising in the geospatial software development. He has a BSc with First Class Honours in Geography from the University of Lancaster, a MSc with Distinction in Geographical Information Systems from the University of Leeds, and a PhD in Geographical Information Science from the University of Lancaster.

Jonny is a fellow of Furness College at Lancaster University,  the GIS Lead for the interdisciplinary Digital Humanities group at the University of Manchester, a member of the national steering committee for GIS Research UK, a member of the Research Approvals Group for the Consumer Data Research Centre, and was the chair of the 25th GIS Research UK Conference, held on 18th-21st April 2017 at The University of Manchester.

Prior to moving to academia, Jonny was the Technical Manager of a UK Wind Farm developer. He continues to operate his GIS consultancy Lune Geographic as well as maintaining business interests and partnerships in a variety of environmental companies.


  • GIS, Geographical Information Science, Participatory Mapping

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