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I have enduring research interests in human development, family stress, and, more recently, the criminology of mass violence. 

I am a Co-Investigator on the ERC-funded programme 'Corpses of Mass Violence & Genocide' , and a member of the ESC's Atrocity Crime & Transitional Justice Working Group. I am also part of the 'Eurogang' network of gang researchers. 

I teach psychological criminology and the criminology of mass violence. 

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Courses for which I am currently Course Director

  • LAWS 10432 Psychology, Crime & Criminal Justice    (UG1 compulsory)
  • LAWS 20041 Psychology, Crime & Criminal Justice II (UG2 option)
  • LAWS 31052 Criminology & Mass Violence                   (UG3 & PGT option)

Courses for which I have been Course Director

  • LAWS 10072 Criminological Research Methods            (UG1 compulsory)
  • LAWS 3563 Social Psychology                                            (UG3)
  • LAWS 70822 Introduction to Statistics & Data Analysis (PGT compulsory)

Other courses to which I contribute/have contributed

  • PG: Evaluating Policy & Practice; Advanced Theoretical Criminology
  • UG: Youth Justice & Juvenile Delinquency; Criminal Evidence; Foundations of Academic Scholarship; Explaining Crime & Deviance; Forensic Psychology (in Dept. Psychology); Engaging with Social Research (BASS)

I am available to supervise students in the area of criminology and mass violence

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