Prof Jonathan Redfern

Professor of Petroleum Geoscience

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PhD Students

Current PhDs:

Jianpeng Wang (Final year PhD - Chinese Scholarship / NARG Funded)

Aude Duval-Arnould (Final year PhD - NARG Funded)

Emmanuel Roquette (2nd year PhD Student - NARG Funded)

Ginny-Marie Bradley (Final Year PhD - NERC CDT Funded)

Max Casson (1st year PhD - NARG Funded)

Nawwar Al-Sinawi (2nd Year PhD - PDO / NARG Funded)

Leonardo Muniz-Pichel (Final Year PhD - Brazilian Govt / NARG Funded)

James Lovell-Kennedy (MRes)


Completed PhDs

Tim Luber, 2017, Characterisation of Early Cretaceous Depositional Systems along the Atlantic Passive Margin, Morocco. NARG Funded. Now with Statoil

Angel Arantegui, 2017, Characterisation of Mesozoic Depositional Systems along the Atlantic Passive Margin of Morocco. North Aaiun-Tarfaya Basin

Mohamed Salem, 2017, Subsidence Mechanisms and Tectonic Control on Seismic Stratigraphy and Reservoir Characterization of the Kotla Graben and adjacent highs, west-central Sirt Basin, Libya.

Dr Jalal al Hinai:2013 PDO Oman Sponsored.  Extent, type,  controls and evolution of the Late Palaeozoic Glaciation of the Canning Basin, Western Australia .  Now working with PDO, Oman

Dr Jonathan Wood: NARG Sponsored.  Sedimentological and Sequence Stratigraphic Study of Early Cretaceous Nubian Equivalent: Messak and Sarir Fms, Libya. Now working at Shell International

Dr Myron Thomas(3rd Year) NARG Sponsored.  Sedimentology of the Miocene Nummidian Flysch, Sicily. Now working at Shell International.

Dr Laurent Petitpierre  (3rd Year) NARG sponsored. Sedimentology and stratigraphy of the Early Carboniferous Marar Formation in Western Libya. Now working at Statoil.

Dr Anh Lee (3rd Year) Vientam Government Scholarship:  Controls on Stratigraphic Evolution and Fluid Migration of Marine Deep-Water facies, Offshore Cameroon. Lecturer in Hanoi University, Vietnam

Dr Stefan Lubeseder - 2005 (now working for Wintershall, Germany): Third-order sequence stratigraphic framework for the Palaeozoic reservoirs of North Africa. Now working in Wintershall.

Dr Nadine Mader - 2006 ( now working for Hess, UK): Sedimentology, third order sequence stratigraphy and controlling factors on facies distribution in the Triassic of North Africa, Now working in Maersk/Total

Dr Ruth Underdown - 2006 (completed, now a teacher in Manchester): Assessing the impact of regional unconformities on the maturation and migration of hydrocarbons within the Ghadames Basin, North Africa  NARG Funded. Now working as a teacher.

Dr Mustafa Enbaya - 2009 (previously with Haliburton Libya): Nubian Sandstones, Hameitmat Trough, Sirte Basin Libya, Evaluating the sedimentology, reservoir characteristics and distribution, and the interbedded igneous units, their origin, distribution and impact on reservoir quality. Libya Gov. Funded

Dr Joe Martin - 2008 (now working in Shell International ) Sedimentology, provenance and ice-sheet dynamics of the Late Palaeozoic glaciation in Oman and the Canning Basin (West Australia): An integrated outcrop and subsurface study of the Permo-Carboniferous glaciogenic suites of Arabia and Western Australia. NERC / Shell Funded. Now working for Shell International

Dr Ivan Fabuel-Perez - 2009 .   3D Modelling of (upper Triassic) Continental mixed fluvial systems integrating LIDAR with high resolution sedimentology of fluvial facies: High Atlas, Morocco NARG Funded. Now working for Exxon, UK.

Dr Xian Bin Zeng - 2009 (now with Melrose Resources, Edinburgh) Characteristing deep water slope systems, offshore Vietnam

Dr Vicky Catteral - 2010.  Evolution and morphology or deepwater channels, offshore Nile Delta, Egypt.  NERC / BG Group NERC Case funded. Now working at Exxon UK.

Dr Xavier Van Lanen - 2011 (now with Statoil)  Shell International funded


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