Prof Jonathan Lloyd


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  1. Development of radioactive effluent management strategies at Sellafield delivers economic and environmental benefits

    Katherine Morris (Participant), Samuel Shaw (Participant), Jonathan Lloyd (Participant), Kurt Smith (Participant), Lynn Foster (Participant) & Thomas Neill (Participant)

    Impact: Health and wellbeing, Economic, Environmental

  2. Arsenic research identifies avoidable health risks from groundwater arsenic informing increased awareness, policy change and mitigation

    David Polya (Participant), Jonathan Lloyd (Participant), David Vaughan (Participant), Bart Van Dongen (Participant), Jianxin Pan (Participant), Laura Richards (Participant), Samuel Shaw (Participant), Victoria Coker (Participant), Christopher Boothman (Participant), Christopher Ballentine (Participant), John Charnock (Participant) & Paul Lythgoe (Participant)

    Impact: Health and wellbeing, Policy, Environmental