Dr John Pearson

Lecturer in Law

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Research interests

In particular my research focuses on protection of the environment using human rights law. This involves the discussion of human rights at domestic, regional and international levels and how the legal provisions affording them might be interpreted to protect the environment on which we all rely. The focus of this study has been on the hydrocarbon (oil and gas) industry and its impacts upon groups with peculiarly strong connections to particular environments, specifically indigenous peoples.

Within this context I also consider the application of science within legal frameworks, and whether the interactions between law and science might be better managed to generate more effective and tailored solutions to opposed regulatory, economic, development and ecological concerns.  

My research to date has focused on two particular cases where the hydrocarbon industry is suggested as potentially having a greater impact than might at present be realised, namely hydraulic fracturing or 'fracking' in the UK and the 'tar sands' or 'oil sands' in Alberta, Canada.


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