Dr John Nudds

Senior Lecturer in Earth Sciences

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Research interests

Dinosaur eggs and embryos from China and Argentina including synchrotron scanning techniques; Exceptional fossil preservation and Fossil Lagerstatten; Carboniferous rugose corals and high-resolution Carboniferous biostratigraphy.


Research and projects

  1. ICAL: Interdisciplinary Centre for Ancient Life

    Garwood, R., Wogelius, R., Sansom, R., Buckley, M., Chamberlain, A., Manning, P., Egerton, V., Sellers, W., Nudds, J., Lomax, D., Brocklehurst, R., Brassey, C. A., Wallace, E., Keating, J., Reeves, J., Brocklehurst, R., Callender-Crowe, L. & Wallace, E.

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