Prof John Gray

Professor of Applied Mathematics

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Students interested in pursuing research in the exciting area if granular flows should contact Professor Nico Gray who is a world leading expert on the flow of avalanches.

Try clicking on the images below to find out more about some recent PhD projects on particle-size segregation and granular rheology that have direct application to both geophysical and industrial problems.

  [Granular jets and hydraulic jumps on an inclined plane] [Multi-component particle-size segregation in shallow granular avalanches] [Gravity-driven granular free-surface flow around a circular cylinder] [Asymmetric breaking size-segregation waves in dense granular free-surface flows] [Segregation-induced finger formation in granular free-surface flows] 

Multiple solutions for granular flow over a smooth two-dimensional bump [Formation of levees, troughs and elevated channels by avalanches on erodible slopes] Self-channelisation and levee formation in monodisperse granular flows [Particle-size segregation in dense granular avalanches] [Underlying Asymmetry within Particle Size Segregation]


Details of the application procedure for postgraduate study can be found at the Department of Mathematics website.