Dr John Gardiner B.Sc., Ph.D., C.Chem. M.R.S.C.

Senior Lecturer, Academic (Teaching & Research) Senior Lecturer

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Research interests

Our research group has interests in synthetic and biological chemistry encompassing methodology, target synthesis, carbohydrate chemistry of various types including oligosaccharide synthesis, biocatalysis and heterocycle chemistry, and also interests in novel dendrimer material synthesis. The group currently comprises a mixture of PDRA/research student members and is based in the Organic Chemistry Labs of the Department of Chemistry.

Carbohydrates and Oligosaccharides: We have active interests in developing new methods to provide biologically-relevant oligosaccharides, with a focus on tools to probe chemical biology and for biomedical targets. Particularly significant interests are in the synthetic heparin oligosaccharide area where we have recently reported a large jump in synthetic scalability for long heparins, a new accelerated block synthesis and have also developed the longest synthetic heparin-like sequences yet reported.

Biocatalysis: Collaboration with Prof Nigel Scruttons lab discovering, developing, engineering and applying new enzyme catalysis for high value chemical synthesis, using screening, engineering and synthetic biology.

Heterocycles: Oligo-heterocyclic synthesis and biological activities (eg DNA ligands).

Dendrimers, polyaryls and nanographene: New arhcitectures based on polaryles and their applications nanographenes.

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