Dr John Blaikley MBBS BSc. MRCP PhD

Senior Lecturer with Hon Consult Status

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Respiratory disease kills approximately 1 in 5 people in the U.K. To reduce this significant burden it is vital to gain a better understanding of respiratory pathophysiology. A novel mechanism governing the lung’s response to noxious stimuli is a collection of proteins, termed the circadian clock. These proteins oscillate over a 24 hour period gating the lungs response to stimuli according to time of day. Up to 10% of the transcriptome is thought to be under this temporal control, however the relevance to pulmonary pathophysiology is poorly understood. So far my research has focused on the clock in one important pulmonary immune cell, the alveolar macrophage. We have described how this immune cell is influenced by the circadian clock whilst showing that targeting the clock protein REVERBalpha with novel ligands alters secretion of powerful messengers (cytokines). We now plan to investigate how disruption of the pulmonary clock causes disease and whether targeting key clock proteins could be a tractable therapeutic target.



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