Prof John Aplin MA, PhD

Professor, Honorary Professor

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My research group investigates the molecular and cellular mechanisms of embryo implantation and placental development, and the implications for disease and treatment of infertility and disorders of pregnancy.   The work bridges the clinical disciplines of reproductive medicine, obstetrics and maternal and fetal health.

The group is embedded in the collaborative environment of the Maternal and Fetal Health Research Centre.  The Centre, with funding from Tommy’s: The baby Charity is using molecular, cellular, systems biology and integrative approaches for investigating aspects of pregnancy disease, including abnormalities in the way the placenta forms, grows, invades the uterine wall and develops a vascular system in early pregnancy to provide for the demands of the growing fetus.  Our research is founded on appreciation of the importance of the very earliest events in pregnancy for later health in the fetus, child and adult.

I am a founder member of the Faculty of 1000, in the Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Section of the Diabetes and Endocrinology Faculty:



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