Dr Johannes Sjoberg


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Research interests

My teaching and research interests focus on the development of the documentary film genre and its challenges, and I am especially interested in screen practice as research, exploring how film and video production could be applied as a part of the academic research and representation. My own practice has developed in line with the general aim of the practice at the Subject Area of Drama, to investigate how cultural values are expressed through film and performance, in dialogue with different ideas and communities. My research interests include:

  • Screen practice as research
  • Practice-based and interdisciplinary research projectsin the social sciences, the humanities, and the audio visual and performing arts
  • Authenticity and subjectivity in documentary films
  • Ethnographic film and visual anthropology
  • Crossovers between applied theatre and participatory video
  • Combinations of improvisational cinema and improvised acting
  • Docufiction - dramas produced with documentary film techniques in the borderland between fact and fiction (such as drama documentary, documentary drama, ethnofiction, mock-documentary, hand-held horror and docuscience fiction)
  • Current research focuses on the use of fiction and projective improvisation in ethnographic filmmaking


Research and projects

No current projects are available for public display