Dr Joel Smith

Senior Lecturer in Philosophy

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Research interests

I work primarily in the philosophy of mind, the philosophy of psychology and phenomenology. I  have research interests in a wide range of mental phenomena, including the perception of space and time, imagination, and bodily-awareness. I have, however, a particular interest in issues surrounding self-consciousness and consciousness of others. We attribute both psychological and non-psychological states to ourselves and to other people. How do we do this? In virtue of what do such attributions count as knowledge? What do our answers to these questions tell us about the nature of the self, the nature of psychological concepts, and the relation between self and other?

Much of my recent work has been on emotion recognition. I am interested, in particular, in the perception of facial expression. This research formed part of the three year AHRC funded project Knowledge of Emotion: Expression and Social Cognition, of which I was the principal investigator. This project  resulted in a collection of essays, The Expression of Emotion (Cambridge University Press 2016), and a short film.

I am currently working on self-consciousness, intersubjectivity, and the experience of time.

I also have interests in the history of philosophical approaches to the mind, in particular Kant, post-Kantians, and the early 20th Century Phenomenologists. I have recently written an introduction to phenomenology, Experiencing Phenomenology (Routledge 2016).

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