Dr Joel Smith

Senior Lecturer in Philosophy

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I am a member of the Mind & Language research area, and organise the Mind Reading Group.

PhD Supervision:

I supervise a number of PhD students. If you're interested in undertaking a PhD that falls within my research interests, send me an email. See our funding information pages for details of available opportunities.

Current PhD Students: Main Supervisor

Beth Ansell, working on acquaintance and self-knowledge.

Emile Chan, working on emotion and self-control.

Abigail Connor, working on time-perception.

Lydia Farina, working on natural kinds in affective science.

James Lloyd, working on mindreading.

Benedetta Magro, working on emotion.

Penelope Orr, working on self-consciousness.

Carlo Raineri, working on perception.

Lucy Tomlinson, working on pleasure.

Current PhD Students: Co-Supervisor

Pilar Lopez-Cantero, working on love.

Chris Murphy, working on emotion (based at Keele).

Current Masters' Students

Christy Blance, working on imagination.

Rory Blakeney-Edwards, working on Camus.

Previous PhD Students

2018: Jamie Henson, "Remorse and the Courts: A Defence of Remorse-Based Sentencing" (main supervisor)

2018: Andrew Kirton: "Matters of Interpersonal Trust" (co-supervisor)

2015: Pablo Lopez Silva, "The Architecture of Psychosis: Thought and Delusions of Thought Insertion" (main supervisor)

2014: Beccy Simpson, "The Role of Emotion in Practical Rationality" (co-supervisor)

2014: Moritz Mueller, "Affect and Intentionality: On the Significance of Emotional Feeling" (main supervisor)

2014: Howard Kelly, "Being and Time §15: Around-for References and the Content of Mundane Concern" (main supervisor)

2013: Hichem Naar, "A Defence of Sentiments: Emotions, Dispositions, and Character" (co-supervisor)

2013: Chris Ovenden, "Towards a Theory of Control" (co-supervisor)

2012: Gayle Impey, "Empathy, Motive and Morality: An Enquiry into the Role of Empathy in Ethics" (main supervisor)

Previous Masters' Students:

2017: Beth Ansell, "Self-Knowledge and Cognitive Phenomenology"

2015: Abigail Connor, "Perceiving Illusion: A Spatial and Temporal Account"

2014: Pauline Kwait, "Duties to Others: A Non-Consequentialist Defence of Singer's Principle

2014: Andrew Kirton, "A Theory of Trust, Reliance, and Betrayal" (co-supervisor)

2012: Pablo López-Silva, "On the Experience of Being the Same Over Time"

2011: Thomas Whyman, "Naturalised Transcendental Idealism and the Second Analogy"

2010: Andy Routledge, "Holism in Experience"

2010: Alex Coley, "Could a Computer Think?"