Dr Joel Smith

Senior Lecturer in Philosophy

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I am a member of the Mind & Language research area.

PhD Supervision:

I supervise a number of PhD students. If you're interested in undertaking a PhD that falls within my research interests, send me an email. See our funding information pages for details of available opportunities.

Current PhD Students: Main Supervisor

Beth Ansell is working on the reliability of introspective methods.

Abigail Connor is working on the experience of time.

Lydia Farina is working on natural kinds in affective science.

Penelope Orr is working on emotion and metacognition.

Lucy Tomlinson, working on pleasure.

Current PhD Students: Co-Supervisor

Pilar Lopes Cantero, working on love.

Emile Chan, working on self-control.

Chris Murphy, working on emotion, based at Keele.

Current Masters' Students


Previous PhD Students

2018: Jamie Henson, "Remorse and the Courts: A Defence of Remorse-Based Sentencing" (main supervisor)

2018: Andrew Kirton: "Matters of Interpersonal Trust" (co-supervisor)

2015: Pablo Lopez Silva, "The Architecture of Psychosis: Thought and Delusions of Thought Insertion" (main supervisor)

2014: Beccy Simpson, "The Role of Emotion in Practical Rationality" (co-supervisor)

2014: Moritz Mueller, "Affect and Intentionality: On the Significance of Emotional Feeling" (main supervisor)

2014: Howard Kelly, "Being and Time §15: Around-for References and the Content of Mundane Concern" (main supervisor)

2013: Hichem Naar, "A Defence of Sentiments: Emotions, Dispositions, and Character" (co-supervisor)

2013: Chris Ovenden, "Towards a Theory of Control" (co-supervisor)

2012: Gayle Impey, "Empathy, Motive and Morality: An Enquiry into the Role of Empathy in Ethics" (main supervisor)

Previous Masters' Students:

2017: Beth Ansell, "Self-Knowledge and Cognitive Phenomenology"

2015: Abigail Connor, "Perceiving Illusion: A Spatial and Temporal Account"

2014: Pauline Kwait, "Duties to Others: A Non-Consequentialist Defence of Singer's Principle

2014: Andrew Kirton, "A Theory of Trust, Reliance, and Betrayal" (co-supervisor)

2012: Pablo López-Silva, "On the Experience of Being the Same Over Time"

2011: Thomas Whyman, "Naturalised Transcendental Idealism and the Second Analogy"

2010: Andy Routledge, "Holism in Experience"

2010: Alex Coley, "Could a Computer Think?"