Dr Joanne Tippett

Lecturer in Spatial Planning

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Research interests

The heart of my research is the application of systems thinking to collaborative system change towards ecological and social sustainability: how people and organisations can effectively re-design practise, infrastructure, processes and systems to be more sustainable. My research trajectory is rooted in my ESRC funded research, which surfaced three areas of particular significance: creative community & stakeholder engagement; systems-based models & understandings of sustainability and linking-up knowledge and innovation across time, domains and levels of scale.

My Sustainable Consumption Institute funded research into systems-based models & understandings of sustainability led to the development of the RoundView Navigational Tool for Sustainability, and this is now being deployed as the key engagement tool in the Carbon Landscape Project (HLF). Current research is exploring the process of developing a spatial imaginary in the Carbon Landscape, which has been informed by the RoundView.  Recent developments have been the creation of a package of learning for schools (being used primary schools across the Carbon Landscape. This may lead to research into the pedagogical innovations represented by the kinaesthetic learning approach.

The RoundView is also inspiring new thinking about sustainability for an exhibit and new art work at Quarry Bank, with potential for a wider roll out within the National Trust, working in collaboration with the John Rylands Research Institute and colleagues in SALC to explore new ways to interpret the history of the site and the Industrial Revolution.

Work with both Ketso and RoundView has generated a large amount of data (and continues to generate more), which will be used to develop future research in the third theme, linking knowledge and innovation across time, domains and levels of scale. Ketso embodies and enacts a deep critical pedagogy, the application of which by over 500 stakeholders will enable me to ask critical questions around how to turn data from engagement into actionable knowledge, including developing digital tools for curating, synthesising and mapping the data to find useful patterns.


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