Ms J.M. McMorrow

Hon Senior Knowledge Exchange Fellow

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Research interests

Keywords: wildfire, knowledge exchange, remote sensing, GIS, geospatial science, peatlands, ecosystem services, moorland vegetation, restoration ecology, interdisciplinarity, enquiry-based learning (EBL).

Julia works on wildfire risk management using remote sensing and GIS.  As a NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellow (now honorary), she carries out action research on wildfire knowledge exchange in the UK. Her associated KE project, Knowledge for Wildfire; improving management of UK wildfire through knowledge exchange, involves liaising with fire service, land management and academic stakeholders to join up cross-sector interests, maximise the use of existing NERC-funded work, and promote new partnerships. She is a member of the England and Wales Wildfire Forum and other national stakeholder forums on vegetation fire and fire statistcs.

Julia has also worked on remote sensing and GIS analysis of peat properties, peatland restoration, land cover change in tropical forests, and on the scholarship of interdisciplinary teaching and learning.

Wildfire and peatlands:

  • Spatial and temporal analysis of wildfire risk
  • Evaluation of satellite and fire service databases
  • Wildfire and ecosystem services policy
  • Hyperspectral remote sensing of peat properties and post-fire peatland restoration.

Tropical forests:

  • Remote sensing of tropical rain forest disturbance by fire, logging and agriculture
  • Dynamics and policy drivers of land cover change in tropical forests
  • Remote sensing for precision agriculture of oil palm plantations.

Scholarship of teaching learning:

  • Client-based projects
  • Interdisciplinary enquiry-based learning (EBL)
  • Virtual fieldwork.


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