Prof Jitesh Gajjar

Professor of Applied Mathematics

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 Areas of expertise: High-speed flows, Triple-deck theory, Laminar separation,
Hydrodynamic stability theory, computational fluid dynamics,
parallel computing,

Research experience:

I have worked and published extensively on various aspects of the
linear and nonlinear development of
cross-flow instability in three-dimensional incompressible and
compressible  boundary layer flows, numerical solution of the Navier-Stokes
equations, nonlinear critical layer theory, instabilities in
the flow over compliant surfaces. My recent research  work is focussed on developing
methods for computing  two-dimensional and three-dimensional partial-differential eigenvalue problems for globally unstable flows.

I have successfully supervised 19 PhD students.

Co-author of Fluid Dynamics I, by A.I. Ruban and J.S.B. Gajjar, Oxford Univ. Press.

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