Dr Jie Li

Senior Lecturer

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Research interests

Our research interests are in the domain of Process Systems Engineering (PSE), which lies at the interface of chemical engineering, applied mathematics/operations research, and computer science. Traditionally, the scope of PSE is restricted to developing efficient mathematical models and solution algorithms for analysis, design, synthesis, and optimization of chemical processes, operations and supply chain network with main objectives of maximizing profit margin or minimizing total cost. Nowadays, the focus of PSE has extended to addressing energy, renewability, sustainability and environment issues. Our research is to develop efficient modeling techniques, optimization methods and computational tools for large-scale complex chemical systems and applies these techniques, methods and tools to support PSE new applications in energy efficiency, water management, wastewater treatment, and carbon capture. We have the following research topics:

  • Data-driven optimisation of large-scale complex systems
  • Machine-learning based process synthesis, design, integration, and intensification
  • Multi-scale modeling and global optimization of industrial energy systems
  • Renewable energy storage
  • Industry 4.0: Advanced planning and AI-based smart scheduling
  • Carbon capture and utilisation
  • Integrated material design and process design
  • Robust optimization


Research and projects

  1. Centre for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

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