Prof Jianxin Pan

Professor of Statistics

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I am currently supervising seven PhD students: Jijun Zhu (2017-); Jiaming Shen (2017-); Chunyu Wang (2018-); Peng Zheng (2018-); Ruoxuan Zhang (2019-); Cheng Peng (2020-) and Xuerui Yang (2020-).  My former PhD students include Chuoxin Ma (2014-2018); Chen Qu (2013-2017); Qingze Li (2013-2017); Mario Martinez (2013-2017); Yi Pan (2012-2016); Ioanna Pelagia (2012-2016); Qiuju Li (2010-2014), Kun Liu (2009-2013), Christiana Charalambous (2007-2011), Daoji Li (2006-2011), Chaofeng Kou (2006-2010), Chao Huang (2006-2010), Yin Chen (2004-2009), Emma Tan (2003-2007), Yanchun Bao (2003-2007), Eid Al-Eid (2003-2007) and Huajun Ye (2002-2005).
I would like to welcome enquiries from potential students who are interested in doing PhD in developing statistical methodology and application. The PhD projects are about methodology research in statistical modelling for complex data such as longitudinal/clustered data, spatial data, survival data and/or high-dimensional data, and application research to the fields of medicine, biology and finance. Please do not hesitate to contact me at jianxin.pan at if you are interested. You can also check the university admission policy at for information of admission requirements, financial support policy, etc.