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Thesis title: Race, motherhood, and multiculturalism: the making of female identities in the British inner city, 1970-2000

My thesis recovers the lives and identities of women who lived in Britain’s inner cities in the late twentieth century. Building on a variety of source material, including oral history testimony, personal memoir, and grassroots publications, it looks closely at the experiences of women of colour who came to be concentrated in Britain’s inner cities, but whose lives have evaded historical interrogation. This thesis also explores representations of inner-city women in the tabloid press, drawing on Benedict Anderson’s concept of ‘imagined communities’ to tease out the connections between race, inner-city womanhood, and national identity in the late twentieth century. It argues that, far from being one-dimensional recipients of social and geographical misfortune, inner-city women had multi-faceted identities made up of personal, inter-personal, and transnational experiences, which transcended the environmental and temporal realities in which they lived


I have had work published in The Historical Journal, Rethinking History, Women's History Review and the European Review of History.

I am currently the Book Reviews Editor for the European Review of History.

I am the recipient of the University of Manchester’s School of Arts, Languages and Cultures Studentship.



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