Prof Jeffrey Forshaw

Professor of Particle Physics

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  1. Increased public understanding and economic impact arising from particle physics and cosmology research

    Richard Battye (Participant), Brian Cox (Participant), Richard Davis (Participant), Clive Dickinson (Participant), Jeffrey Forshaw (Participant), Patrick Leahy (Participant) & Althea Wilkinson (Participant)

    Impact: Society and culture, Attitudes and behaviours, Awareness and understanding, Policy, Technological, Economic

  2. Public & Media Impacts Arising from Particle Physics Research at Manchester

    Brian Cox (Participant), Jeffrey Forshaw (Participant), Cinzia DaVia (Participant), Ian Duerdoth (Participant), Mike Ibbotson (Participant), Frederick Loebinger (Participant), Robin Marshall (Participant), Alexander Oh (Participant), Christian Schwanenberger (Participant), Stefan Soldner-Rembold (Participant), Steve Watts (Participant), Thorsten Wengler (Participant), Terence Wyatt (Participant) & Un-Ki Yang (Participant)

    Impact: Economic, Technological