Dr Jean-Marc Dreyfus

Reader in Holocaust Studies (SHOAH)

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- Diplomats in the aftermath of deportation and the Holocaust (1945-2001)
- Diplomats reports from the Reich: how French diplomats serving in Nazi Germany described and interpreted the regime and the persecution of Jews: the example of Andr FranÃois-Poncet
- Corpses of genocide and mass violence: disposal of dead bodies in situation of extreme violence ; corpses in the aftermath of genocide: tracing, exhuming, commemorating
- - Editionsprojekt Judenverfolgung, 1933-1945, publication of 16 volumes of documents of the Holocaust, under the supervision of Dr. Weber, German Federal Archives, Pr. HÃrst MÃller, Institute for contemporary History, Munich, and Pr. Ulrich Herbert, Ludwig University Freiburg. In charge of the documents on France and Belgium. Deadline : June 2011.


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