Prof Jean-Marc Dreyfus

Reader in Holocaust Studies (SHOAH)

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I currently research and write on the following themes:
Holocaust studies
Genocide studies/anthropology of genocide
History of the Jews in Europe (19th-20th Century)
History of Jews in France (19th-20th Century)
Economic history of France and Germany
Holocaust memory/politics of memory
Modern history of Alsace
Rebuilding post-war societies


I am very interested in supervising students working on the following topics:

  • - Camps, ghettos and internment in WWII Europe
  • - Economic aspects of the Holocaust. Looting of Jewish properties and compensation policies
  • - Holocaust memory in Europe and the United States
  • - Modern history of Jews.

I am currently supervising a number of students in these areas:

  • - Mr Ion Popa : A History of Denial. The Orthodox Church, the State and the never-ending Road to Confession of Guilt after the Holocaust in Romania (1940-â?)


Introduction to Holocaust Studies (y1)
Sources of Holocaust Studies (y2)
Consequences of the Holocaust on Western Societies and Jewish History (y3)
The Holocaust in History (MA)
A History Apart? Jews in Europe, 19th-20th Century (y2)

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