Dr Jayawan Wijekoon

Lecturer in Microelectronic Design

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Postgraduate Research Opportunities 

Funding available for UK/EU PhD candidates. Outstanding non-EU candidates could be considered for the University scholarships; Further opportunities are available for self-funded PhD/MPhil candidates.

- Brain-inspired VLSI computing architectures: Development of analogue and digital VLSI circuits based on the circuitry of cortex and sub-cortical structures,

- Neural networks in flexible organic microelectronic technologies (collaborating with the School of Chemistry),

- Wearable foetal and maternal health monitoring system (collaborating with the School of Biomedicine and St Marry's Hospital), 

- Development of VLSI Design Kit for organic microelectronic technology, (collaborating with the NewDrive Limited),

- Development of novel wearable biosensors (collaborating with the School of Materials).

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