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New, forthcoming and in progress:

Jane Green and Will Jennings (2017). The Politics of Competence: Parties, Public Opinion and Voters. Cambridge University Press.

Jane Green and Will Jennings (2017). ‘Valence and Government Priorities: How issue ownership and issue salience shape governing agendas’. British Journal of Political Science.

Jane Green and Will Jennings (2017): "Valence", in The SAGE Handbook of Electoral Behavior v2, pp.538-560. Edited by Kai Arzheimer, Jocelyn Evans and Michael Lewis-Beck. London: Sage.

Edward Fieldhouse, Jane Green, Geoffrey Evans, Cees van der Eijk, Hermann Schmitt, Jon Mellon and Chris Prosser (forthcoming, Oxford University Press). The Volatile Voter: Shocks, Constraint and the Destabilization of British Politics.

Jon Mellon, Geoffrey Evans, Edward Fieldhouse, Jane Green, and Christopher Prosser (in progress) Brexit or Corbyn? Campaign and Inter-election Vote Switching in the 2017 UK General Election. 

Jane Green, Edward Fieldhouse and Christopher Prosser (in progress). Rethinking the Effects of Electoral Systems: The Incentives of Coalition in the Absence of Proportional Representation. 

Jake Bowers, Edward Fieldhouse, Jane Greenand Cara Wong (in progress). How Does Politics Affect Perceptions of Place? The Effect of Campaigns on Perceptions of Immigration. 


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