Prof Jamie Woodward

Professor of Physical Geography

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Jamie is a geomorphologist and geoarchaeologist with particular interests in the nature and impacts of Quaternary environmental change in the Mediterranean and the Nile basin. A good deal of his work takes place in close collaboration with archaeologists and he is interested in the theoretical and practical interface between geography, geoscience and archaeology.

His PhD formed part of the Klithi Project in Epirus, Northwest Greece, directed by Geoff Bailey. A good deal of Jamie's PhD research has been published in five chapters in the seminal Klithi project monographs.

The Mediterranean landscape contains some of the best records of long-term change available anywhere on Earth. In addition, the richness of the cultural records allows human-environment interactions to be studied in unusual detail and often over very long timescales.

Jamie works in a range of geomorphological environments in the Mediterranean and in the Nile basin. He is especially interested in developing geochronologies (using, for example, OSL, radiocarbon and uranium series techniques) for sedimentary archives of change across a range of timescales. Another key interest involves the development of sediment sourcing methods to improve our understanding of past geomorphological systems at a range of spatial scales. This involves mega-scale work in the Nile basin (>3 million km 2 ) using strontium isotopes as well as smaller scale tracing studies including, for example, work in the Voidomatis River basin in NW Greece (<400 km 2 ) where XRF has been used to identify the source of Pleistocene slackwater sediments to considerably enhance our understanding of the palaeoflood record. Click on the Publications tab to view some of the outcomes of this work.


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