Dr Jamie Doucette

Senior Lecturer in Human Geography

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Activities and esteem

Recent Talks (selected):

The political economy of (in)coherence: Development narratives, anxious practitioners and Asian emerging donors. Globalization, Transnational, and Development Colloquium. Maastricht University Mar. 2021

Social Justice in the Developmentalist City? Contesting the nexus between urbanism and developmentalism in East Asia. Department of Asian Studies, University of Edinburgh Jan 2020

The Postdevelopmental State: A Gramscian Interpretation. Department of Geography, York University, Nov. 2019

Social Justice in the Developmentalist City? Academy of Korean Studies EPEL Program Lecture. Dept. of Asian Studies Goethe University 22 May 2018

The Postdevelopmental State: A Gramscian Interpretation. London School of Economics, Department of Geography and Environment, Urbanisation, Planning and Development Seminar Series. 15 January 2018

“What Kind of Democracy is Candlelight Democracy?" Emergence of Candlight Democracy and a New Governance Paradigm. International Symposium. Plaze Hotel, Seoul Oct 2017

Zones of Awkward Engagement: The Korean development experience and the politics of international development cooperation. Sogang University, Global Korean Studies Seminar Series, Seoul, June 2017.

Democracy after postdemocratization: Korean Politics after the Impeachment of Park Geun-hye. UCLA Center for Korean Studies/Department of Geography February 2017

When the spirit becomes technique: Saemaul ODA and Korea’s Knowledge Sharing Program. Seoul National University Asia Center, June 2016

Other Selected Presentations

Zoning Epistemologies? Blockchain, neoreaction, and other emergent socio-technical fantasies of SEZs EARCAG-GPE Osaka, Japan Dec 2019.

Against legitimacy? The democratic deficit of developmental state theory. Effective States and Inclusive Development Conference, University of Manchester. Sept 2019

Zoning Epistemologies: Zoning technology, Blockchain and Socio-technical fantasies of special economic zones. Development Zones in Asian Borderlands Workshop. Aarhus University, Denmark 17-18 June 2018

Korea’s Special Economic Zones: Locating GVCs on the Korean Peninsula and Beyond. Global Value Chains in Modern Economic History Workshop, University of Bayreuth, Germany 12-14 June 2018

Roh 2.0? The Moon Jae-in Administration and the Integral State. Academy of Korean Studies Europe Conference. Rome April 11-15

Revolution Economics? Korea’s Candlelight Revolution and the Postdevelopmental State. New Perspectives on Korean Geography Symposium. EHESS, Paris, March 20-21, and ASKE Rome April 11-15

With Bae-Gyoon Park. Developmentalist Cities? Debating Urban Developmentalism in Korea and East Asia East Asian Regional Conference in Alternative Geography 10-15 Dec. Taegu, Korea

“Urban Developmentalism and the Politics of Inequality in Seoul” Yun Po-Sun Symposium, Inequality in Global Cities: The Case of Seoul, University of Edinburgh. Oct 8-9 2018.

Organizer (with Soyeun Kim, Sogang University) New Perspectives on Emerging Donors: anxieties, intellectual histories, and hybrid identities. Development Studies Association Annual Conference. Manchester, June 2018-06-13

“Anxieties of the emerging donor: The Korean development experience and the politics of international development cooperation.”  Development Studies Association Annual Conference Manchester June 2018

With Martin Hess. Firms vs. Floors: Interrogating labour's geographical strategies within and beyond global production networks. RGS-IBG, London, Aug. 2017

Situating postdemocratic labour control in South Korea. Association of Asian Studies. Toronto, March 2017

Organizer, with Bridget Martin and Jim Glassman. Mobilizing Infrastructure: Developmental States and the Politics of Planning and Construction. EARCAG, Hong Kong December 2016.

Postdemocratic Labour Control and Worker Suicide in South Korea. International Workshop on Suicide and Work in the Globalised Economy. European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, London, Sept. 2016.

Postdemocratic Labour Control in South Korea: Damage Claims and the Erasure of Workers’ Space.”  Paper presented (by Susan Kang) at the 112th Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Philadelphia, Sept. 2016.

Special Events

Workshop Director: Geopolitical Economies of (post) developmental Urbanization in East Asia. Social Science Research Council (SSRC) Inter-Asian Connections V, Seoul National University April 2016.