Prof James O'Connor MBBS (London) MA (Cantab) PhD (Manchester) FRCR (London)

Professor of Radiology

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Collaborators and affiliated staff

QBI Lab group
Dr Ross Little (Lab Manager)
Amanda Mathieson (Project Manager)
Dr Denis Alferez (PDRA)
Dr Mike Berks (PDRA)
Dr Grazyna Lipowska-Bhalla (PDRA)
Dr Damien McHugh (PDRA)
Dr Paul Tar (PDRA)
Muhammad Babur (Preclinical Technician)
Sue Cheung (Computer Science Technician)
Dr Anu Datta (Clinical Fellow PhD student)
Michael Dubec (PhD student)
Isabella Fornacon-Wood (PhD student)
Professor Kaye Williams, Dr Jamie Honeychurch (University of Manchester)
Professor Corinne Faivre-Finn, Professor Peter Hoskin, Professor Ananya Choudhury, Dr Ahmed Salem (Christie Hospital)
Professor Geoff Parker (University College London)
Dr Simon Robinson (Institute of Cancer Research)
Dr Geoff Higgins (University of Oxford)
Dr Mark Castanares (Eli Lilly, IN)