Prof James Evans

Professor of Human Geography

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PhD students


Joanna Tantanasi (Year 4): Governing the politics and science of carbon: the case of the South Peaks.

Craig Thomas (Year 2): Smart Cities - empowering environmental citizens.

Katerina Sevastyanova (Year 4): Solar thermal heating and domestic practices. Sustainable Consumption Institute.

Kelly Watson (Year 3): Learning loops in sustainable urban design: Social Return on Investment (SROI) and the commercial building. ESRC- CASE with Arup

Gabrielle Schliwa (Year 1): Harnessing the Digital Economy to deliver Sustainable Mobility Transitions. EPSRC. 

Michal Mikulewicz (Year 1): Social Capital, Adaptive Capacity, and the Poor: Exploring the Impacts of NAPAs and NAPA Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. President's Award.


Richard Bull (Completed 2008): The role of the waste industry in promoting social learning for sustainability. ESRC-CASE studentship

Helen Griffiths (Completed 2009): New School Geographies: engaging young people as citizens and consumers. ESRC studentship

Jenny Cousins (Completed 2010): Re-making Conservation: international conservation tourism and private conservation in South Africa. ESRC-NERC studentship

Nadia von Benzon (Completed 2013): Childhood disability and access to the natural environment. ESRC studentship

Brian Rosa (Completed 2014): Beneath the arches: re-appropriating the residual space of infrastructure. School studentship

Jana Wendler (Completed 2014): Exploring the role of play and playfulness in environmental efforts and sustainability engagement. School studentship

Janice Astbury (Completed 2014): Comminity participation in sustainable urban design

Postgraduate opportunities

I am interested in supervising students in the following fields:

  • Experimental governance
  • Smart Cities
  • Informal Mobility
  • Urban laboratories